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Hassan Salaam, Founder of Barmasters Xtreme

Prophecy, BMX Team Member

Barmasters Xtreme was founded in 2008 by Hassan A. Salaam to inspire young adults to be all they can be without the use of growth enhancements and/or drugs. This Barmasters Xtreme fitness program is designed to pre-occupy the mind from negativity and have people concentrate on body-building. Once you see us in action, it will make you instantly want to be a part of BMX. Warning!!! BMX is contagious... Barmasters Team

Most of the members of the team have no formal training. However, we do have professional trainers, willing to give group and/or personal training to individuals, groups, and professional athletes.

BMX were intent to allow individuals to vent while displaying their talents in doing superhuman workout, without the assistance of weights. These individuals are dedicated to keeping themselves fit, and in good natural order.

Barmasters is a physical fitness, mind altering, and extreme exercise company. Built around the old principals of altering your mind, body, and spirit. From ages 8-80, we are attracting a new genre and we are creating a life style from the industry of body builders, street soldiers, gymnasts, and boxers that have grown up knowing the importance of strength training. The approach to physical fitness without weights has crossed generations, neighborhoods and cities.

Our Place in the Community

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With our relationships in the hip-hop community, we can reach out to the right demographics to make this project successful. We have a tremendous following in the correction facilities around the state. By also utilizing the public school system we feel we can expose these exercises to a younger generation to combat the childhood diabetes crisis.

We also have exposure to professional athletes in the area. We feel by exposing them to this new way of working their bodies, they will enjoy longer careers on the court or in the field. The public is waiting for a sport that doesn't take an extra ordinary person to be able to participate. There are children and adults alike that can take advantage of this phenomenon that is happening across the country. We will aggressively target the hip-hop community because if you look at the trend in that profession you will see mostly fit entertainers. Take a look at Ja Rule, Dr. Dre, LL Cool J and the Game, to name a few. This will give you a good indication as to where the market is for this sport. The challenges that can be promoted between artists, athletes, entertainers, and schools are endless. This has the potential to be bigger than MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Now is the time!

This is a co-relation between break dancing, gymnastics, and martial arts. We are targeting any of the fore mentioned entertainers, athletes, and/or institutions. Football, basketball players, we can show you how to prevent strains and pull, and rappers will look better.

Hassan Abdus-Salaam

Phone: (718) 825-2934
Email: info@barmastersxtreme.com

Send mail to:
P.O. Box 161
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Contact Hassan directly for information regarding Barmasters events or to schedule an event.

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